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  • 2012 11 firstpersonartsfestival thetruestory by mariamoller 2
    Photo Maria Moller; First Person Arts
  • 20140609a christchurch 0533
    Photo JJ Tiziou
  • 2014 06 aigaphila gala byannadrozdowski 4
    Photo Anna Drozdowski; AIGA Philly Gala
  • 20140618a christchurch 0131 sm
    Photo JJ Tiziou
  • 2013 5 teamsunshine japanamericawonderwave bylindsaybrowning 8
    Photo Lindsay Browning; Team Sunshine
  • 20140618a christchurch 0199 sm
    Photo JJ Tiziou
  • 20140618a christchurch 0231 sm
    Photo JJ Tiziou
  • e92a4994 lowres
    Photo by Bill Hebert; Anne-Marie Mulgrew & Dancers Co
  • 20140618a christchurch 0116 sm
    Photo JJ Tiziou
  • 2014 02 tanglemovementarts timelines 6
    Photo Tangle Movement Arts
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Rehearsal: you, your imagination and the room.  No lights or sound equipment.

Performance: includes technical production and any number of performances, invited or public audience.


* Performance organizer to provide all personnel, including production staff, box office and front of house, ushers, etc. We can recommend qualified technical staff and reserve the right to build staff costs into your contract.

* For receptions, conferences, and corporate or community events, please inquire about rates and details.