Caff Adeus & Klassic Contemporary Ballet Company

Event Times:

Nov 4th 2017 @ 7:00pm


$10 Advance

$12 Door



Exhibition & Performance


With his latest project, Woolvs, Caff Adeus captures visual manifestations of stress, trauma, insecurity, depression, and anxiety—and the ways these push and bend us from within. By evoking an altered consciousness, palpable darkness, and the mutation of the human body beyond its natural capacity, the photographs expose the wolves beneath the wool. 


On November 4, with Klassic Contemporary Ballet Company and choreographer Kimberly D. Landle, Adeus transforms the photographs into performances by aerialists and dancers.


Directed by:

Caff Adeus


Choreography by: 

Kimberly D. Landle

Canyon Carroll

Sean Green

Garrett Olthuis

Renée Rebelle