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Ishmael Houston-Jones and Miguel Gutierrez
Variations on Themes from Lost and Found: Scenes from a Life and other works by John Bernd

Event Times:

Sep 14th – Sep 16th 2018


$15 - $35



Until his death from AIDS in 1988, multidisciplinary choreographer John Bernd stood at the forefront of New York's  experimental dance scene. Discovering a piece of paraphernalia from that time, Bernd's onetime friend and collaborator Ishmael Houston-Jones asked, "What would contemporary dance be like if the gay/dance communities hadn't lost a whole generation of creators to the epidemic?" Together with choreographer Miguel Gutierrez, Houston-Jones mashed up Bernd's work into a wholly new piece which proposes enticing answers to this question.
Houston-Jones and Gutierrez reconfigure exerpts from the last seven pieces that Bernd made to create a new vision of his work that captures the vitality of his vision, demonstrates how his influence lives in modern-day dance, and serves as a blueprint for what his work might have become. This work incorporates Bernd's signature artworks and original music compositions, reimagined and enhanced by composer Nick Hallett.


 Conceived by Ishamel Houston-Jones; Co-directed by Ishmael Houston-Jones and Miguel Gutierrez; Choreography, Drawings and Music, John Bernd; Music Direction, Nick Hallett; Consultation, Jennifer Monson; Lights, Carol Mullins; Production Management, Sarah Lurie; Video Design, Alvaro Gonzalez; Performed by Toni Carlson, Talya Epstein, Alvaro Gonzalez, Charles Gowin, Madison Krekel, Johnnie Cruise Mercer, Alex Rodabaugh.