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Un Poyo Rojo
Un Poyo Rojo (2019 Fringe Festival)

Event Times:

Sep 19th – Sep 21st 2019


$15 - $35 


Luciano Rosso and Alfonso Barón stand side-by-side inside a locker room. The tension between them is palpable. This is theater, but there’s very little dialog, just the sound of their bodies and the found noises of a portable radio. Instead, we are drawn into their primal language, a physical communication which intensifies throughout the show.


Mining multiple expressive forms—dance, athletic competition, clowning, martial arts, acrobatics, body percussion, mime, cockfighting, and more—Un Poyo Rojo probes the boundaries of bodily and spiritual interaction between individuals. It’s a provocation, an invitation for us to laugh at ourselves and, at the same time, to accept ourselves entirely.


Un Poyo Rojo was first presented in Argentina in 2008, and has been performed to sold-out audiences throughout the country. The show set out to conquer Latin America and Europe in 2015 as it began its first world tour. The play is performed by Alfonso Barón and Luciano Rosso, two multitalented dancers, actors and choreographers, and directed by Hermes Gaido, a top stage director and graduate of the Buenos Aires Art Academy.