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Beta Male Productions
The Boomerang Kid

Event Times:

Jan 10th – Jan 27th 2019


$20 - $30



 When Adam graduates college, he does what every millennial does: he moves back in with Mom and Dad. Fast forward one year and Adam still hasn't gotten off his parent's couch.  Desperate to reclaim their freedom, Adam's parents concoct a scheme to gently nudge their adult son out of their nest.  Don't miss out on this hilarious and heartwarming tale about moving out and moving back in.


Beta Male Productions is a Philly-based theater company with one simple goal: make people laugh. The Beta Male team was behind such hits as "Awesome Alliteration: The Magical Musical," and last year's political satire, "So You Want to be a Politician?"  They are excited to return to the stage this January with "The Boomerang Kid."