• Variant 6
Variant 6

Event Times:

Jun 1st 2017 @ 8:00pm


$20 General

$15 Industry

$10 Student


Vocal sextet Variant 6 teams up with local composer and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Lipke for Kamala, a genre-defying collaboration. Lipke’s work is a continuation of his 2015 album Siddhartha, an exploration of Hesse’s novel that boldly intertwines musical styles and musical timbres; Philadelphia harpist Elizabeth Steiner joins.


Lipke explores Siddhartha’s tumultuous relationship with Kamala. In the composer's words: “Sex, lust, love, losing touch with one's inner voice and getting lost in the world of material things and attachment. Becoming what you always feared you might then eventually becoming overwhelmed and running away from it all.”


Variant 6 begins the concert with a short set of work by favorite composers who explore “music from other lands,” both real and imaginary. Pieces include Joanne Metcalf’s fantastical Lethe; Louis Andriessen’s take on William Blake’s mythology, Ahania Weeping; Michael Gilbertson’s meditative Where the Words Go; Toby Twining’s Hell’s Kitchen Hootenanny; and an unconventional view of earth, David Shapiro’s Sumptuous Planet.