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Ninth Planet
July Residency: Honey Honey

Event Times:

Jul 2nd – Jul 25th 2019


Neighborhood House is proud to host Ninth Planet in residency during July 2019 as its creative team workshops Honey Honeyan immersive musical experience for audiences age 13 and up that examines the experiences of growing up queer, brown and black, and trans* through fantasy, music, digital media and participatory storytelling. Co-produced by Ninth Planet and Brandi Burgess, the journey follows multiple queer protagonists down a cotton candy rabbit hole into another realm where music propels them, every creature has magic, queer love is normalized, new identities crystallize, and the potential for self-expression is endless. Honey Honey builds a new mythos that tracks the family one loves and loses on the way to adulthood.


In October 2019, in collaboration with youth artists from The Attic Youth Center, the creative team of Honey Honey will present a free, interactive, work-in-progress showing for audiences at Cherry Street Pier, in partnership with Theatre Philadelphia.


The co-authoring team is currently composed of 13 collaborators, including Paloma Irizarry, Anthony Martinez-Briggs, Sav Souza, Emily Johnson, Jackie Soro, Kira Rodriguez, Rachel Sumi Ishikawa, Jacqueline Constance, Nia Benjamin, Brandi Burgess, Sam Tower, with stage management by Nic Labadie-Bartz, production management by Sara Marinich, and dramaturgy by Arianna Gass.

Ninth Planet is a platform where womxn come together with allies and supporters to develop high quality performance experiences for people of all ages, backgrounds and socio-economic means. Operations are administered horizontally by the Co-Artistic Directors, Narrative Developer, and Creative Advisor, through a system of consensus-based decision making. For us, collaborative leadership is a vital step towards empowerment and equity in the workplace.

Ninth Planet is committed to the development of young artists, particularly womxn of color. It hopes to foster a new generation of experimental performance makers through artistic and administrative skill-building workshops which provide these young people with tools to create, perform and produce their own innovative works of live performance.