• Close Music For Bodies
Michael Kiley | Close Music For Bodies
2017 Fringe Festival

Event Times:

Sep 20th – Sep 24th 2017


$29 General

$15 Student and Under 25


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Intimate, unfiltered voices become one.


No microphones, no electronic meddling, only the resonant voices that come from the bodies of the performers are heard and felt. The audience is arranged about the entire floor of the theater. Singers move in geometric patterns throughout the audience, their movements become the sound design—like placing speakers about a room, only the speakers are mobile performers.


A journey inward into the individual and outward to include the entire group—audience and performers—who share the space together as one greater entity. An immersive, artistic experience that taps the singing voices within us all, Close Music for Bodies connects its audiences to the transcendent gift of singing, and the sonic community of a group voice.


Note: Close Music for Bodies is presented in promenade, meaning the audience stands and walks for the duration of the performance. Specialty seating is available for those unable to do so. Audiences check their bags and remove their shoes prior to entering the performance.


Creator Michael Kiley Director Becky Wright Choreographic Mentor Faye Driscoll Lighting Yi Zhao Costumes Maiko Matsushima Production Stage Manager Nicole Labadie-Bartz Performers Michael Kiley, Eppchez, Martha Stuckey, Scott McPheeters, Brandon Washington, Cynthia Hopkins, Michele Tantoco, Arielle Pina, Sheila Zagar


Major support for this project has been provided to Michael Kiley by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage.


Close Music for Bodies is a sponsored project of Bowerbird, Inc., made possible by a grant from Wyncote Foundation.